The Wind Through the Keyhole: A Dark Tower Novel

The Wind Through the Keyhole - Stephen King I've only recently started writing reviews and read this book when it finally arrived last year. I plan to do a more complete review after re-reading it in the suggested place in the DT series.

I understand many folks frustration about TWTtK not actually being a DT novel. But I'm OK with it. The fairy tale Roland tells wrapped within his Skin-Man story is a glimpse into the past of Mid-world. As Roland says in TWL, "The quickest way to learn about a new place is to know what it dreams of." I'm always eager to learn more of Mid-World.

Update after sequential reading:

Yep, I'm still an easily entertained DT fan. I love the story of Tim Stoutheart, and would hear more. Also, more of Vannay. He had almost as much impact on Roland as Cort, but there doesn't seem to be as much about him as Cort. I guess that shows what's valued more, brute strength over mental acuity.

My only issue with the part of this novel that focuses on the journey to the Dark Tower, is that the ka-tet feels different, somehow more emotional, than the rest of the story. Maybe because sai King has emotionally matured himself. Gotten to a point in his life where cherishing relationships is of more importance than when the series was started.

So, again...not really a proper book review. More of a fan's rambling thoughts...